Ranking The Sweet 16 By The Worst Team Tattoos Their Fans Have Gotten

These people take school spirit to new extremes.

16. Marquette Golden Eagles

Apparently Marquette’s fan base doesn’t have the balls or school spirit to put a picture of their embarrassing tattoo on the internet. Prove me wrong, guys!!!

15. La Salle Explorers

The small catholic school from Philly came through in the clutch! Kevin Brady proudly tweeted his La Salle tattoo at us last night.

14. Arizona Wildcats

While I’m sure there are some embarrassing tattoos floating around the greater Tucson area, the only two we were able to find on the internet were the Arizona “A” symbol and this pretty darn cool wildcat logo. So congrats! You win by default.

13. Wichita State Shockers

Don’t you just want to run your hands through that incredible wheat hair? No? Little creepy? Okay, but bonus points for having the Shocker mascot give the “shocker” symbol — because butts.

12. Syracuse Orange

It’s an orange. A piece of fruit. A great source of vitamin C, but is it a necessary tattoo? Eh.

11. Oregon Ducks

Oregon has some of the coolest symbols and uniforms in sports. Ducknut does it a diservice.

10. Michigan State Spartans

MSU defensive tackle Jerel Worthy got this tattoo to show his distain for in-state rival Michigan. This would be cool if it weren’t for the fact this spartan is standing on a Missouri helmet. Oops!

9. Louisville Cardinals

Seventh grade Trapper Keeper doodle or real tattoo? You decide.

8. Kansas Jayhawks

Holy shit. The 2008 national championship was cool and all, but dear Lord did it warrant a back mural?

7. Michigan Wolverines

Nothing says champion like a tattoo that resembles an Ed Hardy t-shirt.

6. Miami Hurricanes

You know this guy definitely had two separate versions of this tattoo. The other has the Florida State fan in full Seminole garb, but even the tattoo artist thought that was a bad idea — because racism.

5. Florida Gators

There’s nothing more beautiful than an aligator humping a helmet under the setting Florida sun.

4. Indiana Hoosiers

It looks like a rash, or perhaps a smudged stamp.

3. Florida Gulf Coast Eagles

Ask the people with George Mason tattoos how that worked out for them.

2. Duke Blue Devils

The only way this guy can hide the fact that he’s an asshole is by wearing gloves at all times.

1. Ohio State Buckeyes

Yep, that’s Brutus the Buckeye having sex with the Michigan Wolverine.

And here is Brutus peeing on a Michigan helmet.

And here’s Brutus receiving oral sex from a Michigan cheerleader.

Yeah, so Ohio State fans have some issues to work out. But they can take solace in at the fact that they’re the “winners” of this list.

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