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    Posted on Nov 29, 2016

    21 Incredibly Real Poop Moments That Will Make You Laugh

    It's the universal equalizer.

    1. This incredibly accurate chart:

    2. This insanely thin nightmare:

    3. This daily miracle:


    4. This terrifying reality:

    5. This sense of freedom:

    6. This backyard showdown:

    7. This urgent release:

    8. This gift from the heavens:

    9. This perfect chart:

    10. This intimidating poop altar:

    11. This perfect text suggestion:

    12. Nature's best troll:

    13. This level of companionship:

    14. This eternal/internal mystery:

    15. This effective threat:

    16. This destructive panic:

    17. This sign:

    18. And this wish upon a star:

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