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15 Terrible Photoshops That Will Make You Laugh Every Time

This. Is. Art.

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1. This guy celebrating his engagement by tastefully revealing his abs:

2. This buff teen who can't find shirts that fit him well:

3. This cool dude getting all the ladies at the beach:

4. This young bro showing off his results from the gym:

5. This tough guy and his girlfriend:

6. The dirt bike owner and his lady friend:

7. This wild man petting a lion:

8. This dude showing off his new Jordans:

9. This bro Snapchatting for the ladies:

10. This dude who loves weed and is too legit to quit:

11. This guy flexing for the Twitter faves:

12. These guys enjoying bro night:

13. This sex champion and his huge bulge:

14. This baller and his new whip:

15. And Jesus having some fun in the sun:

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