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22 People Who Wish They Never Got Out Of Bed In The Morning

Sometimes it's just not worth it.

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1. Whoever flipped off the wrong cat.

2. This cool customer.

3. This nutcracker.

4. This girl who didn't quite think things through.

5. These kids drifting the suburban streets in Dad's Malibu.

6. The poor soul who decided to give up.

7. This future Olympian.

8. These two geniuses.

9. This smooth sniper.

10. This daredevil.

11. This poor kid.

12. This girl who picked the wrong place to stand.

13. This kid who didn't realize he was walking on thin ice.

14. The worst tow-truck employee of all time.

15. This traumatized girl.

16. This guy enjoying a nice relaxing poop.

17. This yo-yo master.

18. This girl who forgot how physics work.

19. This guy who just watched his savings account disappear.

20. This guy whose day was just ruined.

21. This expert hunter.

22. And this girl who definitely needs a change of clothes.

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