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    Posted on Nov 24, 2014

    23 People Who Wish They Had A Time Machine

    You can never find a flux capacitor when you really need one.

    1. This reporter who could use some Advil.

    2. This student who probably isn't majoring in BIG BOOTY HOES.

    3. This poor soul who forgot about the filter.

    4. Her husband.

    5. This publisher.

    6. This animal lover.

    7. This race car driver who completely lost control.

    8. This incredibly stubborn parallel parker.

    9. This fool who cleaned the gutters by themself.

    10. This amateur lumberjack.

    11. This truck driver.

    12. This flashy guitarist — who needs a new guitar strap.

    13. This dude who probably needs a ride home.

    14. Whoever let the damn bird out of its cage.

    15. This person who took a poop in a backpack.

    16. The poor kid who lent someone his sick ride.

    17. Anyone that uses this bathroom.

    18. This mom who is in deep shit.

    19. This hornball.

    20. The crappiest one-night-stand ever.

    21. This iPod owner.

    22. This hunter with terrible aim.

    23. And Paul.

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