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26 People Who Thought Nothing Could Possibly Go Wrong

Thinking is not everyone's specialty.

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1. Whoever double-booked these events.

2. This guy who got his favorite DJ of 2011 tattooed on his thigh.

3. This guy who thought his smart TV knew how to high-five.

4. This curious kid.

5. This couple that will SURELY last forever.

6. This guy trying to impress his lady-friend.

7. Whoever named their daughter Analy.

8. The genius who created these identical labels for VERY DIFFERENT products.

9. This guy who was inspired by the Olympics.

10. This inventive young man.

11. Anyone who turns right.

12. People who don't take their password hint seriously.

13. This guy who should have waited on the tattoo.

14. These guys without jobs.

15. Whoever thought it was a good idea to teach Keith how to text.

16. That parched fool Aaron Paul.

17. This bro and his "third" leg.

18. The inventors of this DIY amusement park ride.

19. Anyone who doesn't double-check what their tattoo means.

20. This lifestyle writer who obviously never saw the Red Wedding episode.

21. These A+ DJs.

22. This delivery man.

23. Whoever thought this was a good idea.

24. These moving experts who are about to get a rough Yelp review.

25. This first-time paintballer.

26. And anyone who thinks Taco Bell is a good idea.

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