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    19 People Who Raised The Bar In The Game Of Life

    Reach for the stars.

    1. This Biblical innovator.

    2. The mysterious acrobat who placed this cone ever so high.

    3. This one man band.

    4. This person who dared to dream the impossible dream.

    5. This rebel who refuses to show his work.

    6. This ambitious kindergartener.

    7. This girl that knows this is a victory worth celebrating.

    8. This kid who already knows what's important in life.

    9. This proud Pelican Bay parent.

    10. This parent that knows Jackson County jail is where it's really at.

    11. This person who recognizes automotive achievement.

    12. This phallus aficionado.

    13. These girls who refuse to trust ladders.

    14. This mom that supports her kids no matter what.

    15. This girl who will one day accomplish her dreams.

    16. This parent that is stepping up the shame game to new heights.

    17. This girl who takes a hands-on approach to religion.

    18. This Texas bar that truly cares about their customers.

    19. And Dwight.