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24 People Who Clearly Need A Day Off

Thank god for the weekends.

1. Whoever misplaced their tablet right before a monsoon.

2. The sad soul who ate chocolate cake alone on the toilet.

3. This person who forgot how tooth brushes work.

4. This factory worker who has reached their frustration date.

5. Whoever got smacked in the face with this irony.

6. This guy who spent all his energy wrapping this present.

7. Whoever had the letters on their keyboard rearranged.

8. This person whose work computer even told them to go the hell home.

9. These guys with zero-hour energy.

10. This guy who had a great first day at work.

11. Whoever touched the acid.

12. Whoever had to pick this up.

13. This guy who obviously got dressed in the dark.

14. Whoever had to stock the Gatorade shelves.

15. Whoever parked their car like this and then said "fuck it."

16. This poor, poor, poor, emergency room employee.

17. Whoever resisted the urge to bash this phone with a hammer.

18. Anyone that needs the emergency vodka.

19. The poor soul who has this image scarred on his or her retina.

20. Whoever got THIS bored.

21. This warehouse worker who doesn't take instructions well.

22. This guy having a stinky morning.

23. This person who probably didn't get the required eight hours of sleep.

24. And this guy who obviously deserves a week on an island with a piña colada in hand.