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16 People Who Are Really Sick Of Your Sh*t

Sometimes enough is enough.

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1. Maggie, who is genuinely offended by what she found stuck to her plunger.

Getty / ThinkStock / Design Pics

2. J.P., who blew his family trust fund playing high stakes Mahjong in Monte Carlo on Spring Break. Now he's elbow deep in turds.

Getty Images / ThinkStock / Katarzynabialasiewicz

3. Robby, who is smiling maniacally because someone crapped in the sink again.

Getty / Thinkstock / Kurhan

4. Gerard, who lost his mind six years ago in the shit-pocalypse of 2008. This is his last known photograph.

Getty / Thinkstock / Lisa F. Young

5. Aaron, who is just doing this to pay for grad school at Stanford, where's he's studying engineering.

Getty / ThinkStock / Alexraths

6. Donnie, who is politely demonstrating how he's about to knock your teeth out with this wrench.

Getty / Thinkstock / Wavebreakmedia Ltd

7. Tony, who just got word that a septic tank exploded and it's raining poop in Springfield.

Getty Images / ThinkStock / Minerva Studio

8. Kip, who is four months behind on rent because his clients only pay him in sex.

Getty Images / ThinkStock / Vadimguzhva

9. Murph, who has been to the Davidson household four times this week so he decided to unload a huge deuce in their linen closet.

Getty / Thinkstock / Azmanjaka

10. Ronald, who has been swimming in shit for three decades now and just wants someone to say thank you.

Getty / Thinkstock / Alfernec

11. Tim, who doesn't understand when or why this "shitting in the sink" trend started with teens.

Getty Images / ThinkStock / Andreypopov

12. Andre, who is thoroughly perplexed how THAT got stuck in THERE.

Getty / ThinkStock / Jose Luis Pelaez Inc

13. Scott, who is trying to ignore this testy mom who lets her cats empty their butt holes just about anywhere.

Getty / Thinkstock / Design Pics

14. Stan, who loves helping people out, but wants to be a playwright and is worried people won't take him seriously.

Getty / ThinkStock / Sdigital

15. Marvin, who comes from a long line of plumbers, but suffers from a crippling case of germophobia.

Getty Images / ThinkStock / Jupiterimages

16. And Bart, whose gorgeous wife tragically has chronic explosive diarrhea.

Getty / ThinkStock / Dmitriy Tereschenko

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