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26 People That Prove Boredom Breeds Brilliance

Who says daydreaming is a waste of time?

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1. This pun-y giraffe thief.

2. This student trying to get the party started in Calculus class.

3. Whoever created their cozy tank for their cat.

4. This TP-stacking superstar.

5. This person stuck in traffic.

6. These sanitation workers.

7. Whoever figured out the REAL use of a barcode scanner.

8. This comedian.

9. And this guy with a darker sense of humor.

10. This awfully hilarious kid.

11. This person with an abnormal amount of twist ties.

12. This potential cereal killer.

13. Whoever stocked this shelf.

14. This new age artist.

15. Whoever sent this text to a random number.

16. This supporter of sugar rights.

17. This incredibly literal mathematician.

18. Some guilt-loving dude with a sharpie.

19. This space cat with a lot of time on his paws.

20. This snarky beach-goer.

21. This genius creeper.

22. Whoever raided the supply closet.

23. This lifeguard who went on break

24. These soldiers with nothing but time...and bullets.

25. This security guard single-handedly bringing back Microsoft Paint.

26. And of course the world's greatest living aviator.

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