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Posted on Sep 29, 2015

24 People Who Are Setting World Records For Laziness

Bask in their greatness.

1. This guy who just can't hold his phone right now:

2. This dude who can hear the music just fine:

3. This person who made the easy decision:

4. This mail carrier who makes their own rules:

5. This kid who basically drew a ladder:

6. This tourism department:

7. This dude who wanted to cut out the intermediary aka effort:

8. This guy who couldn't muster up the effort to buy a new razor:

9. This guy who made taking out the trash fun again:

10. Whoever planned this park:

11. Anyone who buys this contraption:

12. This college student in need of a chair:

13. This innovator:

14. This guy who was literally and physically running on empty:

15. Whoever painted this line:

16. This person who didn't want to do the dishes:

17. This moviegoer who probably didn't see the trash can because it's dark:

18. This woman who is making a statement regarding the fact that only one cash register is open:

19. This student who respects the fact that attendance is 25% of his grade:

20. This avid reader:

21. All of these bastards:

22. This clever decorator:

23. This hoarder:

24. And whoever replaced the soap:

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