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    26 Painful Moments In Testicle History

    Men: Proceed with caution. Women: Don't get any ideas.

    1. When this jerk popped bottles.

    2. When this guy overestimated his athletic ability.

    3. When this innocent bystander didn't expect the ricochet.

    4. When this guy decided to finally start using his treadmill.

    5. When this bro bragged about this XBox

    6. When this rocket misfired.

    7. When this kid's World's Strongest Man training went wrong.

    8. When this racquet ball star screwed up his serve.

    9. When this guy took a tire to the nads.

    10. When this kid put a cold cut in a fan.

    11. When this jackass ruined a totally sweet grind.

    12. When this dog got confused by a laser pointer.

    13. When this little girl channeled Satan.

    14. When someone thought this could be fun.

    15. When high school kids go to the playground.

    16. When this little girl discovered dad's sensitive spot.

    17. When these jackasses acted like jackasses.

    18. When this kid forgot how springs work.

    19. When this guy thought he was a gymnast.

    20. When these high school kids got really really bored.

    21. When this guy wasted a 2-Liter bottle of Coke.

    22. When this guy celebrated the 4th of July.

    23. When this kid took a pogo stick to the balls.

    24. When this guy mistimed his leap.

    25. When this ninja turtle didn't get pizza for dinner.

    26. Anytime anyone tried parkour!

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