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    19 People Who Go Above And Beyond The Call Of Duty

    Am I doing this right?

    1. Whoever tried to spell Sacramento:

    FaxCelestis /

    2. Whoever is responsible for the lines on this soccer pitch:

    Dasgerman1984 /

    3. Whoever wrote these subtitles:

    -ksguy- /

    4. And this weather forecast:

    HembraunAirginator /

    5. The genius who installed these solar panels:

    alechko /

    6. The employee who dressed this mannequin:

    EkkoWan /

    7. Whoever applied this security tag:

    Polymer15 /

    8. This trophy engraver:

    awesomeduuuu /

    9. Whoever made this abomination of a bacon, egg, and cheese:

    10. Whoever painted this parking spot:

    lasseoh /

    11. The engineer who installed this bathroom lock:

    randomuser9061 /

    12. This bookstore employee:

    parkinsonslaw /

    13. Whoever didn't read these large letters:

    thx_CaptainObvious /

    14. The legend who painted OVER the gum:

    voluntariss /

    15. Every delivery person:

    stickywill808 /

    16. The genius who installed this air conditioner:

    Lones_ /

    17. Whoever can't spell addiction:

    mikerockitjones /

    18. The artist who painted the Shutterstock watermark on the wall:

    aweSAMness_ /

    19. And whoever thought duct tape really can fix anything:

    Goto10 /

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