18 People That Are One Step Ahead Of The Curve


    1. Whoever created this subtle box:

    2. Whoever created this garage sale flyer:

    3. The dad who photoshopped this picture:

    4. This author's clever warning:

    5. These Swedes making the best of a flood:

    6. Justin:

    7. Whoever put this person on blast:

    8. The brainchild behind this use of Post-Its:

    9. The creator of this polite notice:

    10. This appropriate use of stickers at a grocery store:

    11. This outside-the-box thinker:

    12. This dad who gives zero fucks:

    13. This perfect kids menu:

    14. This expert pizza troll:

    15. This virtuoso hide-and-go-seek competitor:

    16. This sweet mom:

    17. This dad whose kid asked for a 3DS:

    18. And this AMAZING gift-giver: