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    Updated on Nov 10, 2018. Posted on Jul 22, 2016

    29 Incredibly Concerning Grammar Fails


    1. This headline asking for volunteers:

    2. This bit of advice from Toys R Us:

    3. This church sign asking a very personal question:

    4. This headline written by a Star Trek fan:

    5. This inconveniently worded sign:

    6. This intolerant aisle in Home Depot:

    7. This bizarre sign of support:

    8. This story about a karate-kicking tumor:

    9. This school sign:

    10. This trap:

    11. This vindictive headline:

    12. This inspiring story:

    13. This Days Inn:

    14. This well thought-out shirt:

    15. This page in a kids' coloring book:

    16. This perfectly crafted front page:

    17. This Facebook caption:

    18. This all-night-long deep penetrator:

    19. This interesting sale:

    20. This ice cream flavor:

    21. This ad for [air quotes] bowling [air quotes]:

    22. This eye-catching quality:

    23. This misuse of a comma:

    24. This person excited about their erection:

    25. Aaron Rodgers' good luck charm:

    26. This unfortunate label:

    27. This warning about attractive children:

    28. This questionable search:

    29. And this perfect sign for any daughter's bedroom:

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