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25 Times Louis C.K. Told Everyone The Goddamn Truth

Listen up.

1. When he explained life:

2. When he got existential about waking up in the morning:

3. When he critiqued the Ten Commandments:

4. When he told us why life is great:

5. When he explained why no one should ever be bored:

6. When he talked about the importance of being yourself:

7. When he explained the difference between boys and girls:

8. When he explained why the glass is always half empty:

9. When he said self-awareness trumps self-love:

10. When he called out white ignorance:

11. And the silliness of American "problems":

12. When he was incredibly honest:

13. When he preached the virtues of bacon:

14. When he exposed the silliness of letting little things dictate your life:

15. When he discussed self-loathing:

16. When he told everyone his mental process:

17. When he taught us about true regret:

18. When he talked about his general worldview:

19. When he explained the "language" of New England:

20. When he spoke about never getting out of bed:

21. When he understood his faults:

22. When he set his expectations low:

23. When he gave his thoughts on companionship:

24. When he reminded us it's good to laugh at dumb things:

25. And when he gave the best advice of all time: