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22 Low-Key Living Legends Who Deserve Our Admiration


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1. This teacher who pulled the ultimate slip-up:

2. This kid who doesn't want his leftovers touched:

3. Whoever designed these tights:

4. The people who made this roll of duct tape large enough to fix literally anything:

5. The genius who created this to-go pack:

6. This dude wearing the only acceptable hat in a convertible:

7. This dude who figured out a win-win system:

8. This teacher who taught this student the cruel reality of life:

9. This kid who found the key to a happy marriage:

10. M. Yass:

11. This clever eBay scammer:

12. This little rebel who ate "half" of the grapes:

13. This international charmer who figured out a better name for a porcupine:

14. This Mexican restaurant:

15. This teen who gave his two weeks' notice on a sympathy card:

16. Taco Bell:

17. Most people from the great state of New Jersey:

18. These kids looking for a loophole at the drive-thru:

19. This person shopping for the essentials:

20. This guy who drunkenly drove a steamroller home from the pub:

21. And Jaffar Fromaladdin:

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