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23 Life-Changing Decisions That Spun The Earth Off Its Axis

We live with the choices we make.

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1. Whoever simply read "FREE PIZZA" and handed over their credit card.

2. Whoever loves rice and now has a lifetime of explaining to do.

3. Whoever designed this hospital and gave new meaning to "eating out."

4. Whoever decided Flamin' Hot Cheetos were more important than that job at the bank.

5. Whoever needs a toilet paper holder but loves ducks, bears, and horses equally.

6. Whoever got stoned and sold all the furniture for a donut.

7. This poor soul who didn't realize crumbs are impossible to get out of your bed.

8. Whoever was faced with this existential crisis.

9. Whoever had to deal with this bullshit.



10. Whoever chose "delishness" and now has to live with this guilt.

11. This man who was faced with the most difficult choice in his life.

12. Whoever didn't realize just how expensive children are.

13. Whoever encounters this on the sidewalk.

14. Whoever has to decide which is best for salsa.

15. Whoever needs to decide between these equally badass guitar cases.

16. Whoever has to make this choice.

17. Whoever decided love can wait because Octoberfest is only available for a limited time.

18. Whoever decided to abbreviate Butterfinger.

19. Whoever decided to leave little Timmy in the well.

20. Whoever decided not to hire movers.

21. Whoever created these labels.

22. When Richard decided to go into the hotel business.

23. And this enlightened human.

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