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28 Tweets That Sum Up What It's Like To Grow Up In New Jersey

"Does Central Jersey even exist?"

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1. Dealing with this eyesore:

Twitter: @Real973problems / Via @Real973problems

2. Understanding where people are by their exit:

Twitter: @kevieee66 / Via @kevieee66

3. Learning to drive on these roads:

Twitter: @Jefreywsx / Via @Jefreywsx

4. And dealing with construction that lasts for decades:

Twitter: @Saressaa / Via @Saressaa

5. Making this face when people ask stupid questions:

Twitter: @jordypagano / Via @jordypagano

6. Having this eternal debate...

Twitter: @_RebeltoSociety / Via @_RebeltoSociety

7. Every year of your entire life:

Twitter: @RayEllisIII / Via @RayEllisIII

8. Knowing North Jersey and South Jersey are basically different states:

Twitter: @tamiahay_ / Via @tamiahay_

9. Knowing WaWa's cultural importance:

Twitter: @mikeLowKey / Via @mikeLowKey

10. Arguing over what to call this slab of meat:

Twitter: @TheMusicMogul / Via @TheMusicMogul

11. Living on the one goddamn street in your town that never gets plowed:

Twitter: @jefftiwari / Via @jefftiwari

12. Knowing exact distances based on our landmarks:

Twitter: @lorenaferreirax / Via @lorenaferreirax

13. Getting annoyed when people think you have an accent:

Twitter: @ilikeavocados_ / Via @ilikeavocados_

14. But knowing this is the correct pronunciation for H2O:

Twitter: @_DStrauss_ / Via @_DStrauss_

15. Getting pissed when people somehow consider the Meadowlands in New York:

Twitter: @HauberChris / Via @HauberChris

16. Knowing this was the dopest field trip:

Twitter: @Joe_Shocka / Via @Joe_Shocka

17. And this was the best place for a birthday party:

Twitter: @Duck_Faryl / Via @Duck_Faryl

18. Either being a shoobie or complaining about them:

Twitter: @_chris_gross_ / Via @_chris_gross_

19. Never having to do this:

Twitter: @FemLibyan / Via @FemLibyan

20. Forgetting you have to pump your own gas when you go out of state:

Twitter: @Jessyxo6 / Via @Jessyxo6

21. Having to do some quick research when faced with this challenge:

Twitter: @EricaMeyler / Via @EricaMeyler

22. Always finding yourself watching this channel for no reason:

Twitter: @joey_mill_igt / Via @joey_mill_igt

23. Having no idea how to dress for Spring:

Twitter: @EricaMeyler / Via @EricaMeyler

24. Getting to enjoy this roller coaster wonderland:

Twitter: @__BilalAhmed / Via @__BilalAhmed

25. And settling for this one every once in a while:

Twitter: @Sykes_20 / Via @Sykes_20

26. Seeing Planet Honda commercials every 10 mins:

Twitter: @Bryana_xO / Via @Bryana_xO

27. Knowing left turns are never easy:

Twitter: @BrianaWare52 / Via @BrianaWare52

28. And always knowing how to make the best out of a situation:

Twitter: @Franki_LaSpina / Via @Franki_LaSpina
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