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21 People Who Put The IDGAF In Work Ethic

Yeah, I know that doesn't work. IDGAF.

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1. Whoever put up this wall at 24 Fitness:

2. Whoever refused to cut these lemons:

3. The champion of irony:

4. This employee of the month:

5. Whoever installed this bathroom:

6. Whoever painted this line:

7. Whoever paved this street:

8. Whoever pulled this move:


10. Whoever designed this handicap entrance:

11. Whoever installed this fence:

12. The city planner who decided this was a good spot for a road:

13. Whoever said "not my fries, not my problem":

14. Whoever thought this was a good spot for a toilet:

15. Whoever decided on this gate:

16. The asshole who stocked this shelf:

17. The person who mindlessly posted this "sale":

18. This sign operator:

19. Whoever thought this was the best way to write "No Smoking Safety First":

20. Whoever detailed this police cruiser:

21. And the spawn of satan that designed these steps:

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