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    32 Kids Who Know EXACTLY What They're Doing

    The world is their oyster.

    1. This kid who obviously knows what an uppercase "P" looks like upside-down.

    2. This kid who knows pictures speak louder than words.

    3. This future NASA scientist.

    4. This kid who would use a time machine for good.

    5. Whoever figured out the Scantron cheat code.

    6. This kid who totally knows how fire hoses work.

    7. This kid who got sick of the bus.

    8. This future advertising executive.

    9. This amateur bank robber.

    10. This golf pro.

    11. This kid who knows 99% of heat escapes from your head.

    12. This master storyteller.

    13. This kid who just wants to keep their mom's ego in check.

    14. This kid who is definitely shaming the crap out of their teacher.

    15. These kids who are way ahead of their time.

    16. This kid who volunteered to make dinner.

    17. This kid who is making subtle dinner requests in their homework.

    18. This Fields Medal winner.

    19. This kid who mastered his typing class.

    20. This kid who has learned the art of a good dick joke at a young age.

    21. This kid who is way ahead of his time.

    22. This kid who mastered Microsoft Word.

    23. This future comedian.

    24. This kid who exploits teachers' weaknesses.

    25. This modern artist.

    26. This future dictator.

    27. The first graders that made this "hatchet."

    28. This kid who beat the system.

    29. This casanova.

    30. This advanced alphabet learner.

    31. This politician who follows through on their promises.

    32. And, of course, Ricky.

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