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24 Kids Who Have Life All Figured Out

Look out, world.

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1. This future celebrity chef:

2. This girl who wants to be something of value to society:

3. This dreamer:

4. Little Sirius Black:

5. Bill:

6. This pacifist:

7. This future banker:

8. This superhero...

9. ... and his partner in crime-fighting.

10. This girl who wants to make an honest living:

11. This stage-5 clinger:

12. This king:

13. This girl who just wants to make some delicious broccoli, tomato, carrot soup:

14. This kid who wants to make a big splash:

15. This daredevil:

16. This future advertising executive:

17. This rocketeer:

18. This kid who obviously has it all figured out:

19. Cole:

20. This kid with very clear and focused goals:

21. This realist:

22. This kid who is already planning to take over the world:

23. This Irishman:

24. And this little badass:

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