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22 Kids Who Deserve An A+ In Keeping It Real

Little humans are the best humans.

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1. This kid who is totally over dad humor.

2. This baby who figured out the best way to eat watermelon.

3. This kid who is concerned about his dad's cholesterol levels.

4. This hungry camper.

5. This kid who doesn't give a crap about legislation.

6. This kid who will most definitly accomplish his life-long dream.

7. This kid who probably pleaded "badass" in court.

8. These kids who ain't even trying to front like they're enjoying themselves.

9. This kid who's just telling the truth.

10. This kid who wants his teacher to strive to be better.

11. This warrior.

12. This kid who's just telling it like it is.

13. These kids who turned back the clock 15 minutes when the lifeguard wasn't looking.

14. This pimp.

15. This kid who knows the true value of a quarter.

16. This future poet...

17. This future comedian...

18. And this future lawyer.

19. This kid who is sick of mom and dad eating the ice cream.

20. This girl and her ambitious New Year's resolution.

21. This kid who will get all the waffles he wants for the rest of his life.

22. And this kid who just wants the world to know how much he loves his mommy

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