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Kevin Ware, National Inspiration/Toughest Man Alive, Is Already Standing On His Broken Leg

A justified wave of support as the brutally-injured Louisville guard begins his recovery.

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Yesterday afternoon, Louisville's Kevin Ware suffered one of the most traumatic injuries in the history of American sports, shocking and terrifying players, coaches and fans at the game and at home. But Before Ware was taken out of the arena, teammates Russ Smith and Peyton Siva said later, he called them over and told them, "Just go win this game for me. Don't worry about me. I'm fine." Louisville dominated Duke, and the moment will be forever ingrained in college basketball lore. And in the wake of the injury, Ware has received sympathy and support from across the country.

The coaches of Louisville rivals Kentucky and Xavier were among the thousands of fans and athletes on Twitter who sent prayers and well-wishes to Ware and his family.


Louisville spokesman Kenny Klein provided some detail on Ware's recovery.


Sure, he has crutches — but his leg, broken badly less than 24 hours ago, is resting on the ground. That's amazing.

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