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    19 Christian Memes That Would Have The Heavens Cracking Up

    Hallelujah, praise memes.

    1. This command:

    2. This Father-son conversation:

    3. This behind-the-scenes glimpse of a miracle:

    4. This common ground:

    5. This Garden of Eden slip-up:

    6. This scientific fact:

    7. This reality check:

    8. This common teenage error:

    9. This sin:

    10. This technical difficulty:

    11. This bit of Canadian theology:

    12. This reaction to a train being late:

    13. This parental response:

    14. This holy restraint:

    15. This dark entrepreneurial thought:

    16. This perfect representation of how the internet works:

    17. This relatable version of Jesus:

    18. This math equation:

    19. This true love: