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21 Reasons Broke College Kids Are The Most Resourceful People Alive

Hustle hard.

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1. Because gallons of milk aren't in the meal plan:

2. Because they know that nothing is impossible:

3. Because they know garbage cans aren't necessary:

4. Because they know airplane seats are more comfortable when you have legroom:

5. Because they somehow survive on this:

6. Because they know comfort is king:

7. Because they use science in practical situations:

8. Because they understand the value of 5 cents:

9. Because condoms aren't cheap:

10. Because they know birthdays are important, but candles are not:

11. Because they understand five months of razor burn is worth saving $15:

12. Because they realize showerheads are expensive:

13. Because toilet paper is always free if you know where to look:

14. Because who says you can't eat fancy:

15. Because not everyone has time to get to Bed Bath and Beyond:

16. Because who the fuck owns a colander:

17. Because microwaves aren't the only way to heat up leftovers:

18. Because not everyone owns an iron:

19. Because they know that car bumpers are important:

20. Because sometimes you can't find the dustpan:

21. And because pasta night will find a way:

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