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19 Times It's OK To Hit The Panic Button


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1. When this is your significant other's search history:

2. When your half-finished milk is over a half century past the expiration date:

3. When you're driving behind this car:

4. When your kid shows you the snowman they were working on:

5. When this truck is parked at your apartment building:

6. When your friends give you special candles:

7. When you use this shampoo in California:

8. When your daughter has fun with Barbie:

9. When you eat the bag on the left before realizing the bag on the right exists:

10. When you notice your new boyfriend keeps this on his nightstand:

11. When Big Brother announces his presence:

12. When you change lanes and realize you cut off this guy:

13. When your kid updates your daily planner:

14. When you accidentally hit the Auto LSD button:

15. When this car is in front of you:

16. When your microwave just wants to watch the world burn:

17. When you pass what appears to be a weapon of mass destruction on your morning commute:

18. When you realize everyone ate the ice pops:

19. And when you suddenly remember the plot of My Girl.

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