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    17 People Who Are Having A Rough Go Of It


    1. Whoever has to clean up this aisle:

    Basshead541 /

    2. Whoever is pooping in the handicap stall:

    Mikesam201 /

    3. d

    4. Whoever suffered this catastrophe:

    benevolentonion /

    5. Gary, and his birthday wishes:

    6. Whoever woke up to their kitchen like this:

    hobbit890 /

    7. Poor Suna:

    8. Whoever dropped this Gatorade bottle:

    XyloPiano /

    9. Whoever had their bluetooth connected to the WRONG video:

    titoxtian /

    10. Marley:

    11. This soup-slurper:

    xoxeau /

    12. Whoever owned this laptop:

    DaWeyHowBoutDah /

    13. Whoever picked this avocado:

    AZ2E /

    14. Whoever dropped this phone:

    basshead541 /

    15. The person who forgot to put their bag in the trunk:

    Cubatahavana /

    16. This person on their way to work:

    _xXDeXXoNXx_ /

    17. This sad birthday boy:

    an1h /

    18. And this poor doggo who obviously got there first:

    LustThyNeighbor /

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