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24 Stages Of Getting Shitfaced During The Week

Responsibilities are awful.

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1. You're about to leave work, go home, make a sensible dinner, and go to sleep early when a friend tells you people are getting drinks...

Twitter: @Carrie_Bradsh4w / Via @Carrie_Bradsh4w

2. You're a hard worker so you show up a tad late, but you feel it's your responsibility to take advantage of those sweet-ass savings...

Twitter: @killadelfkid / Via @killadelfkid

3. And soon enough you're lulled into the mid-week trap known as happy hour.

Twitter: @ArkansasFred / Via @ArkansasFred

4. After each beer, mixed drink, or glass of wine you tell yourself it's time to go home because you need food and you don't want to be hungover.

Twitter: @anthglony / Via @anthglony

5. But you get lost in the sauce.

Twitter: @fuckzxch / Via @fuckzxch

6. You try to pull yourself together...

Twitter: @flowerveil / Via @flowerveil

7. But it's no use because happy hour has already claimed another victim.

8. So you set your alarms dreading the disaster that awaits you in the morning.

Twitter: @OreoSpeedwagon_ / Via @OreoSpeedwagon_

9. And you wake up in shambles...

Twitter: @BtonGirlProbs / Via @BtonGirlProbs

10. But it's before your alarms so you get some water and you go back to sleep.

Twitter: @SpeakComedy / Via @SpeakComedy

11. Then the first alarm goes off...

Twitter: @betsy_bop / Via @betsy_bop

12. And the second...

Twitter: @Haitiansince97_ / Via @Haitiansince97_

13. And the third brings tears to your eyes.

Twitter: @dmacftkordei / Via @dmacftkordei

14. So you lie in bed questioning every decision you've ever made.

Twitter: @MedievalReacts / Via @MedievalReacts

15. Getting out of bed suddenly takes Herculean effort...

Twitter: @realjknoxville / Via @realjknoxville

16. But you manage to crawl out of the covers...

Twitter: @damnitstrue / Via @damnitstrue

17. And immediately pause for more self-reflection.

Twitter: @tbhjuststop / Via @tbhjuststop

18. You get to work and immediately try to play it Barry Burbank-level cool...

Twitter: @chiIItweet / Via @chiIItweet

19. But you're not fooling anyone.

Twitter: @ScruffDaddy_ / Via @ScruffDaddy

20. Every minute feels like a decade, and every hour feels like a lifetime.

Twitter: @JohnFarmen / Via @JohnFarmen

21. Even inanimate objects are trolling you.

Twitter: @BackinTokyo / Via @BackinTokyo

22. You're starting to feel better, but you're counting the seconds until you can go home.

Twitter: @iamjoonlee / Via @iamjoonlee

23. You close your computer, pack your bag, and start walking towards the door when...

24. Someone asks the question...

Twitter: @Carrie_Bradsh4w / Via @Carrie_Bradsh4w

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