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23 Grandpas Who Are On Their Way To Steal Your Girl

Age doesn't mean a thing.

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1. This rebel who knows what the ladies wanna hear:

2. This guy who gets into some weird stuff on the weekend:

3. This guy who knows ladies can't resist a Kendrick Lamar fan with facial hair:

4. Al fuckin' Wiggins:

5. Grandpa Pete, who knows the ladies love a big screen:

6. This Don Draper of the retirement home:

7. This super human daring you to make fun of his Crocs:

8. This lady killer who sees the world in 3D:

9. This Don Juan who knows what the ladies like:

10. And this guy who knows what the ladies REALLY like:

11. This guy, who probably invented grinding:

12. This 96-year-old with a better sense of humor than you:

13. This super senior on spring break:

14. This dude who's meeting your girl at the club once he finds his teeth:

15. This badass who is obviously 100x the man than you:

16. This timelessly cool rebel:

17. This guy who just got a text from your girl saying you aren't home:

18. This jock who plans on winning no matter what:

19. This Rico Suave:

20. This dude who's about to abandon his grandson and meet up with his Tinder match:

21. The raddest grandpa alive:

22. Mr. Big Dick:

23. And of course, Vice President Joe Biden.

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