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21 Badass GIFs To Get You Amped For Slopestyle At The Sochi Olympics

Start buying your Mountain Dew in bulk because this is gonna get pretty extreme.

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Slopestyle skiing and snowboarding will appear in the Winter Olympics for the first time next month in Sochi, Russia. The event combines a mixture of high-flying jumps and rails that allow competitors to perform a wide variety of tricks — cleaner runs of higher difficulty are rewarded with the highest scores. If we know anything from its X-Games origins, slopestyle promises to be one of the most exciting events at the Olympics. Here are a few things you can expect to say while watching in a couple weeks:

1. "Whaaaaaaaaaaattttt."

2. "Are you kidding me?"

3. "Oh, so that's how you get vertigo."

4. "That's absurd."

5. "I used to to that move all the time... when I played Cool Boarders 3."

6. "Good lord."

7. "This seems like an extremely dangerous leisure activity."

8. "Nope."

9. "What am I even watching?"

10. "Nah uh."

11. "I'm pretty sure I tore my ACL just watching this."

12. "Holy guacamole!"

13. "Great Caesar's ghost!"

14. "Hot damn."

15. "Sweet sassy molassy."

16. "I'm never getting off my couch ever again."

17. "I could do tha... never mind."

18. *shakes head vigorously*

19. "Crikey!"

20. "STOP."

21. "Yeah, hahaha no."

2014 Sochi Games begin Feb. 6 on NBC.

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