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22 Fools Who Thought They Had Life All Figured Out

The best laid plans...

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1. This kid who was trying to end his skate video on a strong note.

2. Whoever thought they found the PERFECT parking spot.

3. This kid who believed he could fly.

4. And this kid who believed he could touch the sky.

5. This dude who planned to JUST get his toes wet.

6. This girl who was looking for a full-length mirror.

7. This kid who was convinced rock beats sign.

8. This guy who thought he found a shortcut.

9. This Walmart VIP.

10. This girl who was trying to be cute.

11. This guy who never saw that wall before.

12. This shirtless bro who was doing a burnout for the ladies.

13. This guy who was resting his eyes in the summer sun.

14. This person who went to get their oil changed.

15. This woman who wanted to catch up on her e-mail.

16. The brilliant mind that decided a ceiling fan would keep the projector cool.

17. This girl who planned everything BUT her escape route.

18. Whoever ordered next-day delivery.

19. These guys who planned a nice guys fishing trip.

20. This girl who has a love/hate relationship with balance.

21. This guy who was super confident in his leaping ability.

22. The genius who figured out a way to keep his pizza safe.

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