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25 Fans Who Have No Idea What The Damn Score Is

Wait, there's sports happening?

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1. This potassium-loving Brewers fan.

2. This hockey fan who decided he wanted to get closer to the action.

3. This swan-diving Buffalo Bills fan.

4. This Kansas City Royals fan who decided to cool off in the Kaufman Stadium fountain.

5. Drunk Papa John.

6. This foolish boyfriend who used his credit card to eat ice cream.

7. This Phillies fan who never made it out of the parking lot.

8. This bro who never saw a horse at the Belmont Stakes.

Ezra Shaw / Getty Images

9. The Cubs bleacher creatures...

10. At their finest.

11. This Rangers fan who's so OVER chugging.

12. This Phillies fan with impeccable balance.

13. This guy at a Bears game who misplaced his clothes.

14. This woman giving the worst lap dance of all time.

15. This clown and his friend.

16. This guy who's simply trying to support the team.

17. This guy who THOUGHT he was putting out a forest fire.

18. Tommy Lasorda

19. This Yankees fan who thought he was on Legends of the Hidden Temple.

20. Every Mets fan by the 8th inning.

21. This couple enjoying a thrilling baseball game.

Elsa / Getty Images

22. This Arsenal fan who forgot what they were cheering about.

23. This Eagles fans who is simply warning you that he has no idea what's going on.

24. This fleet-footed Sox fan.

25. Every NASCAR fan.

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