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    17 Times People Simply Screwed Up

    Maybe next time.

    1. The person who came up with this anti-drug campaign:

    kat9274 /

    2. This kid who got called out by Snoop Dogg:

    Thatoneguythatsweird /

    3. This TV station's subtitles:

    manguno /

    4. This hit-and-run driver who didn't make a clean getaway:

    AMA454 /

    5. This dude who didn't make his point:

    DragonSlayer271 /

    6. Katie:

    TheCreatorLovesYou /

    7. This anarchist:

    Fanuc_Robot /

    8. Whoever made this sign:

    TheGamerCant /

    9. The RA who pinned these condoms to the bulletin board:

    onlyfordamemes /

    10. This headline editor:

    BarelyLegalSeagull /

    11. Blockbuster:

    ShootAndBurn /

    12. This dude trying to troll Myspace Tom:

    MonsieurCellophane /

    13. Amtrak's customer service that responded almost seven months late:

    iTaylorAmSwift /

    14. Christina's grandpa:

    babydoll_bd /

    15. This girl who tried to blackmail a professional athlete:

    dickfromaccounting /

    16. T-Mobile's cell phone reception:

    captainahhsum /

    17. And my dude Barry Burbank:

    tkstock /

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