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    Updated on Mar 9, 2020. Posted on Sep 9, 2016

    26 Things That Will Make You Say "Hmmm, That's Interesting"

    "Okay, but why?"

    1. This peeled watermelon:

    2. This fence:

    3. This sign showing the refraction of the straw in the glass:

    4. This company's ironic name:

    5. These blinds:

    6. This airplane-style restroom sign:

    7. This pouch to help recycle cigarette butts:

    8. This barrier made with "Hello Kitty" figures:

    9. These three different-colored squirrels:

    10. This windshield crack that looks like a bird:

    11. This glove made out of 100% miscellaneous material:

    12. This pill-shaped M&M:

    13. This knife that specifies which planet it was made on:

    14. This potato shaped like Admiral Ackbar from Star Wars:

    15. This double-canned can:

    16. This piece of garlic that is only one clove:

    17. These urinal headrests:

    18. This sloth face in a piece of wood:

    19. This caffeinated bottle of water:

    20. This escalator:

    21. This juiceless lime:

    22. This camouflaged office building:

    23. This biker's cargo:

    24. This apple disguised as a pie chart:

    25. This beer hidden in a pack of Diet Coke:

    26. And this penis-spoked hubcap:

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