Dating When You’re A Little Kid Vs. Dating In Your Twenties

Oh, how times have changed…

1. As a little kid, you let someone know you like them by passing a note in class.

2. In your twenties you express all your feelings with emojis.

3. As a little kid flirting can be pretty confusing.

4. When you’re in your twenties flirting can be a little TOO straight forward.

5. When you’re a little kid you just do your own thing on the dance floor.

6. In your twenties dancing gets a little too personal.

7. This is how you meet people at the gym as a little kid.

8. This is what happens when you try to meet people at the gym in your twenties.

9. As a little kid cooties were a serious epidemic.

10. In your twenties cooties has a different name.

11. As a little kid, Valentine’s Day means, CANDY TIME BITCHES!

12. In your twenties, Valentine’s Day means time to eat, drink, and ignore the fact that you’re forever alone.

13. This is what your first kiss with someone is like as a kid.

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14. This is what it looks like when you meet you “soulmate” at the bar at 2 a.m. in your twenties.

15. This is the moment you know you’re totally over someone as a kid.

16. This is that same moment in your twenties.

17. As a kid, break-ups are barely a blip on your radar.

18. In your twenties they disable you emotionally.


19. This is how you feel when you like someone new as a little kid.

20. This is how you feel when you like someone new in your twenties.

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