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    Sep 18, 2015

    24 Situations That Will Make You Cringe Until You Cry

    Proceed with caution.

    1. When this mom asked her kid for a cock-meat sandwich:

    2. When this Jeopardy contestant got the answer extra wrong:

    3. When this complete stranger sent an unsolicited shirtless pic:

    4. When this kid got brutally shut down:

    5. When this guy acted like he was just kidding:

    6. When this guy was the only one who went all out for the rave:

    7. When this kid had no idea why his brother's socks are so crusty:

    8. When this guy wanted nothing to do with this proposal:

    9. When this overprotective girlfriend went a little overboard:

    10. When Chloe's doctor's office sent this text to the wrong person:

    11. When the Uber driver responded to this text:

    12. When this couple confused the gym for a dorm room futon:

    13. When this person bragged about helping the homeless:

    14. When this guy found out the incredibly depressing truth:

    15. When this guy got called out on his fake beard:

    16. When this woman took a selfie and someone thought she was dead:

    17. When this person intensely called out the wrong police department on Twitter:

    18. When this person didn't read the card:

    19. When this couple took a casual trip to the mall:

    20. When Ron's guacamole recipe got ruined for life:

    21. When this cousin decided to catch up on Facebook:

    22. When this grandma paid her grandson a compliment:

    23. When this kid got hockey and menstrual blood confused:

    24. And when RiRi wanted nothing to do with this dude:

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