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    Cops Pull Over Jose Canseco With Fainting Goats Wearing Diapers In His Car

    Just an average Wednesday night for the old slugger.

    Jose Canseco's quest to be the most baffling human alive took another interesting turn last night when he was pulled over by police with two fainting goats in the back of his car.

    Yesterday, Canseco and his girlfriend Leila Knight went on an adventure to purchase some fainting goats — because why not? In typical Canseco fashion he tweeted about the entire excursion, which he claims he'll turn into a documentary.

    The Jumping Jack Motel is located in the center of Nevada, which basically is in the middle of nowhere — about four hours from Las Vegas, Reno, and Lake Tahoe.

    Because as we all know, random motels in central Nevada are a hotbed for black market fainting goat dealers.

    Then the police joined in on the fun, because how do you not pull over Jose Canseco driving with diaper-clad goats in his truck?

    Ladies and gentlemen, Jose Canseco: goat owner.