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    Real College Shit That You Won't See On The Tour


    1. People do actually fall asleep in urinals:

    2. Sometimes you should double-check if your food is actually cooked:

    3. Your professors do not give a fuck:

    4. You'll get creative with air fresheners:

    5. Your school will use your tuition money on questionable things — like, say, a chicken wing statue:

    6. Your dorm mates are very open about their menstrual cycles:

    7. It's not a very clean place, so check your cups:

    8. Do not be that person who hangs clothes on the sprinklers:

    9. Finals will push you above and beyond your breaking point:

    10. You will discover new and inventive ways to cook:

    11. You will always be hungry:

    12. Always expect the unexpected:

    13. Your RAs will most likely try to teach you safe sex in a very corny way:

    14. Bathroom drains will get very, very clogged:

    15. Elevators are fair game for anything:

    16. Taking out the trash will be an infrequent chore:

    17. People still draw penises. People will always draw penises:

    18. The police blotter in the school paper is a must-read:

    19. And always be careful who you invite to your house party: