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    23 Brushes With Death That Will Make You Want To Stay Home For A While


    1. When this stray golf ball came within 12 ounces of his skull.

    2. When this SUV casually switched lanes.

    3. Yep, that's a shark.

    4. That time America's pastime nearly sent this bro into a coma.

    5. When this person went for a casual afternoon stroll.

    6. When this guy didn't realize trains end.

    7. And when this tourist didn't realize trains go both ways.

    8. When this dude narrowly avoided death by sign.

    9. When this person almost opened the fire hydrant in the wrong season.

    10. When the bungee cord had too much slack.

    11. When two groups of incredibly rich people went boating on the same day.

    12. That time this guy didn't hit the brakes.

    13. When this woman with the umbrella was completely oblivious.

    14. When these people stood a little to close to the implosion site.

    15. That time this driver lived a little too close to the edge.

    16. When this spectator got too extreme.

    17. That time this car's truck nearly ruined this threesome's day.

    18. When this girl decided to not use the crosswalk.

    19. That time this dude picked the wrong part of the beach for a nap.

    20. That time this pole ALMOST broke this guy's fall.

    21. When this car parked near the most ideal tree ever.

    22. When this dude foolishly underestimated ice.

    23. And that time this woman went to throw something in the trash.