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    17 Things Catholic School Kids Will Never Forget

    Never have sex.

    1. Knowing the appropriate distance to leave for the Holy Spirit.

    2. Knowing the devil doesn't deserve a locker.

    3. Being all too aware of the existence of problematic religious statues.

    4. Having to deal with logic.

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    5. Knowing why this is funny.

    6. Keeping everything hilariously PG.

    7. Finding real life applications for what you learn in school.

    8. Having science and religion classes back-to-back.

    9. Having every website blocked.

    10. Cringing at your school's advertising.

    11. Learning an interesting side of history.

    12. Wanting to say this whenever you watch Star Wars:

    LucasFilms / Via

    13. Knowing Jesus is always the answer:

    14. Finding humor in the little things.

    15. Like knowing eventually we're all going to hell...

    16. ...probably because of sex...

    17. ...yes, I'm serious.

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