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    Can You Get Through This Post Without Saying "Seriously?!"


    Alright, let's start with this guy who apparently has no contact with the outside world.

    No? What about this girl who really needs to find a new tattoo artist?

    Okay, let's see, how about this institute of "higher learning?"

    What about people on Facebook that think Obama is implanting microchips in our brains?

    Check out the prices of these two phone covers.

    Look how Canada bottles their top shelf maple syrup.

    What do you think about this person's massaging toe ring?

    Do you think case needs to be decided by a court?

    What about this neurosurgeon?

    What would you say if you saw this on the subway?

    Imagine if this was in your office?

    What would you think if a cop driving a Volkswagen Beatle pulled you over?

    Check out this souvenir from Dorney Park & Wildwater Kingdom.

    How about this fashionista?

    What you think about this political pundit?

    What about this elevator notice?

    How about this local news broadcast?

    Are you up with the current texting lingo?

    Check out what the famous Netflix algorithm suggested for a "feel good" movie.

    The more you know!

    Try this simple maze on the back of a children's book.

    What you think about this employee of the month?

    How about this philosopher?

    Surely, you have to scoff at this irony! Right?

    And finally, peep this advertisement for Larry L. Archie — attorney at law.