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    22 Reasons Dogs Should Never Be Allowed On Airplanes

    Talk about a ruff flight.

    1. They have absolutely zero regard for personal space... / Drwhalefart /

    2. And they never pay attention to the fasten seat belt sign.

    r_anthony_smith /

    3. They make it impossible to watch the inflight movie...

    golden_bear_12 /

    4. And next to impossible to get any work done.

    5. They take up all the legroom...

    Hydracronis /

    6. And always want to know what you're up to.

    Red_Panderr /

    7. They're so needy...

    Lupid23 /

    8. And are always on top of you. / thefruitsnackfiend /

    9. They always hog the armrest...

    mepper /

    10. And the storage space below your seat.

    11. They're always chatting with their friends...

    the-happy-medium /

    12. And wandering into places they shouldn't be.

    iamkokonutz /

    13. And the worst part is they're always looking at you...

    civilizer /

    14. ...with their kind eyes...

    15. ...curious head-tilts...

    OwenChillson /

    16. ...and big smiles.

    patderkacz /

    17. Just hoping you think they're a good boy.

    Amieisrad /

    18. Let's face it, they're just too cute...

    19. ...too cuddly...

    willdogs /

    20. ...too floppy...

    21. ...and too goofy...

    _TheGermanGuy_ /

    22. be flying on planes. It's just annoying.

    MaximusRaeke /

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