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    Posted on Jul 29, 2014

    19 Badasses Who Don't Want Your Forgiveness Anyway

    Keep doing you.

    1. This proud rebel who flouts social norms.

    2. This hungry woman who decided, "You know what? I bought this candy. I'll eat this candy."

    3. This roommate...

    4. This person who still SACRIFICED THEIR FRIEND TO SATAN — and probably loves to bake anyway.

    5. This kid who ain't gonna let Miss P. boss him around.

    6. This employee who wants you to look stupid.

    7. This kid who is using his soapbox to tell the world how much Chris totally sucks.

    8. This tolerant driver who isn't 'bout to apologize for keeping the streets safe.

    9. Eli, who is definitely gonna keep karate chopping peeps' peens.

    10. This hostage...

    11. This kid who's sick of Valerie cramping his style.

    12. This true 'murican.

    13. These cats who think family in the traditional sense is stupid.

    14. Whoever made this strong statement about garbage mail.

    15. The awesome programer who invented this error screen.

    16. The droid user who drew an outlet on the wall at the airport.

    17. This parent who knows love is conditional.

    18. This CEO who isn't about to apologize for stacking that paper.

    19. And this kid who tells it like it is...

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