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Arnold Schwarzenegger's Newest Role: Governator Of California

The Austrian action star is now the most powerful man in the our most populated state.

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In just 11-weeks Arnold Schwarzenegger has made the transition from big screen action hero...

... to political titan.

David McNew / Getty Images

Let's check out some of his credentials...

Arnold is strong.

Like cartoonishly strong.

He won the title of Mr. Universe 4-times.

He's also a 7-time Mr. Olympia winner.

Needless to say, the man enjoys lifting heavy objects.

When Arnold's done hoisting metal, he likes to relax.

Thats right California! Your new governor loves him some marijuana!

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When he got bored pumping iron he started acting.

He was a badass robot...

...a badass hunter of invisible extraterrestrials...

...a genetically enhanced twin of Danny Devito...

...a scientist who impregnated himself...

... a father who faught Sinbad for a popular Christmas present...

...and a Batman villian.

Somewhere in between he married into the Kennedy family.


He does not have a minute of experience as a politician.

Nick Ut / AP

Good luck California.

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