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28 Animal GIFs Guaranteed To Make Your Worries Disappear

Consider them therapy gifs.

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1. These cuties spooning:

2. This adventurous Frenchie:

3. This bold kitten:

4. This living stuffed animal:

5. This kitty who wants love:

6. This aggressively adorable pup:

7. This one-dog stampede:

8. This sleepy bunny:

9. This affectionate lion:

10. This kitty getting down with its bad self:

11. This lil' bro who wants to know what's going on:

12. This baby bunny who can't quite jump yet:

13. These buddies kissing themselves clean:

14. This ticklish polar bear:

15. This ballin' corgi:

16. This booty-shaker:

17. This sleepy bunny:

18. This loving horse:

19. These cute kids:

20. This unlikely pair:

21. This cat who wants a hug:

22. This good dog getting a head massage:

23. This chill donkey:

24. This heroic dog:

25. This curious corgi:

26. This fox getting its hair combed:

27. These giddy balls of fur:

28. And this owl who wants none of this:

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