21 Absolute Legends Who Deserve Your Admiration And Praise

    There needs to be a Hall of Fame for these people.

    1. This forward thinker:

    2. This savage dad:

    3. This workout warrior:

    4. This outside-the-box eater:

    5. This heroic display of self-restraint:

    6. This sleepy-head:

    7. This rock star:

    8. This evil genius:

    9. This prankster:

    10. This hilarious sibling:

    11. This vicious super-villain:

    12. This businessman:

    13. This world-class troll:

    14. Sam:

    15. Japan's First Lady:

    16. This pilot flying the plane from economy:

    17. Marquis de Favras:

    18. This dude who just got you so bad:

    19. This king:

    20. The creator of America's greatest holiday:

    21. And Mark Hoppus: