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51 Reasons Why Commuting To Work Sucks

Most people don't like their jobs, but everyone hates the process of getting there.

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1. This is your life...

2. A purgatory where red lights actually last forever

3. And you're always waiting for the subway...

4. or the bus...


5. or the ferry.

6. Only to have this happen.

7. It's a place where no one seems to understand public tranportation etiquette

8. And this is the only open seat

9. Because some people need extra room for their tail

10. Or their bike

11. Others confuse the bus for a mobile couch.


12. ...or the train for a bed



14. There's always pole hogs

15. Butt Straddlers


17. Boob straddlers

18. Aisle seat snobs

19. Leg stretchers


20. Sometimes there's a butt in your face for 40 minutes

21. Or a woman chopping onions


22. People think the floor is for gross food scraps...

23. Or vomit.

24. Creeps smile at you for unknown reasons


Seriously don't smile. No one is happy.


25. And don't fuckin' sing!

26. Or preach about religion!

27. Or try to sell your mixtape!

28. Oh btw, the escalator never works


29. Even the subway lines are reminding you how much this sucks

30. Sometimes mother nature intervenes

31. Which causes overcrowding on the train

32. Or "track switch problems"

33. Train advisories start looking like this

34. Which causes overcrowding on the bus

35. Where you miss your stop because of this asshat

36. So you decide to drive?

37. Enjoy merging lanes...

38. And the 18-wheelers...

39. Not to mention mindnumbing gridlock.

40. Where people like to check their e-mail...

41. Play musical instruments...

42. Rubberneck...

43. Or, you know, do other stuff.

44. Then your iPod breaks


45. But you pass a sign that gives you false hope


46. And you laugh that your odometer says "Boobs"

47. And then you get a flat.

48. So now you're biking to work

49. And this happens.

50. Forcing you back here.


51. With this guy.

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