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30 Reasons For Baseball Fans To Be Optimistic This Season

It's a new year, anything could happen. Hypothetically.

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1. Perhaps the Cubs will find an ace in the hole.

2. R.A. Dickey's pitches could continue to do this north of the border.

3. Maybe Braves fans will forget about that terrible call in the playoffs last season.

4. And maybe Cardinals fans will stop reminding them.

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5. Maybe the Marlins' owner will remember the goal is to win baseball games.

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6. It's possible Houston Astros fans will eventually be able to recognize the names of the guys they're rooting for.

7. The Royals might have a better year than their mascot.

8. The Athletics could give fans more reasons to Do The Bernie.

9. L.A. Dodgers ownership could pay for Clayton Kershaw to be cloned.

10. Maybe Philadelphia fans will stop making their whole city look bad.

11. This may not be the highlight of the Padres season.

12. Reporters could stop asking Bryce Harper clown questions.

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13. Maybe Prince Fielder will learn how to properly slide.

14. The Rangers could score some extra payroll.

15. It's conceivable Dick Vitale is no longer the face of Rays fans.

16. The Mets outfield miiiiiight not make fans feel like this.

17. Maybe Bronson Arroyo will focus on his curveball rather than his guitar.

18. Billy Haywood might teach the Twins to have fun again.

19. Maybe the MLB will continue to ignore the steroid allegations surrounding Ryan Braun.

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20. The Indians might start scouting the California Penal League.

21. Maybe Joseph Gordon Levitt will become a bandwagon Angels fan.

22. King Felix and Jason Bay could reprise this photo shoot.

23. The White Sox could remember there are cameras in the dugout.

24. Who knows? The Red Sox could overachieve this year.

25. The Pirates might buy higher quality rosin bags.

26. Rockies starting pitchers might possibly last longer than 4 innings per outing.

27. Thunder Dan Marjerle might join the Diamondbacks outfield.

28. Orioles Magic could continue.

29. The Yankees could stumble upon the fountain of youth.

30. And maybe the Giants won't get greedy. Two World Series in three years is enough.

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