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24 Reasons You Should Be Rooting For The Shockers

You may not know anyone on the Wichita State roster, but you should start paying attention.

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1. Because they have the edgiest mascot in the entire NCAA.

Just look at how effortlessly cool he looks rocking a turtleneck!

And that hair!!!!

And that hair!!!!

2. Because Gregg Marshall is one of the top up-and-coming coaches in college basketball.

Fernando Salazar / AP

3. And he's a fun dude.

Harry How / Getty Images

4. Little kids love him.

5. Plus he'll cut you if you root for anyone else.

Harry How / Getty Images

6. Adorable dogs are typically diehard Shockers fans.

7. And so are babies.

You do like babies, right?

This guy even has a badass temporary* sleeve tattoo!

*We think!

*We think!

8. Because Leonardo DiCaprio wants you to.

9. And so does that BAMF Bruce Willy.

10. And so does this random bro!

I'd listen to him. Look at those guns!

I'd listen to him. Look at those guns!

11. The school already has championship pedigree.

12. And Ron Baker has incomparable shaggy hair.


13. They breed winners like Bill Parcells, one of the greatest coaches in NFL history.

14. They share their name with one of the most underrated candies of all time.

15. Their fan base has supreme confidence.

16. Pizza Hut was founded by two Wichita State grads, Dan and Frank Carney.

17. And the first Pizza Hut EVER is on their campus.

18. Because rooting for Wichita St. makes it acceptable to throw up the Shocker symbol in a coffee shop...

19. On the sideline...

20. You can even get it engraved on the back of your head!

21. God's a Shocker's fan.

Tebow gave the Shockers a March Madness pep talk.

Tebow gave the Shockers a March Madness pep talk.

22. Malcolm Armstead is the most underrated player player in the Final Four.

Harry How / Getty Images

23. Their superfans are COMMITTED.

24. Come on, everyone loves an underdog!

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